Robot Girl

getting the colors down for robot girl here.
two versions because I wanted to see what it looked like with lines...

more sketch portraits

My cousin and her daughter and a co-worker. I don't know why drew her with one eye closed, she is not winking.

Another Self-Portrait

A self-portrait if you will.
Made by using glue, paper, molding paste, sand, arylic paint, gesso, ink, plaster, a layer of reflective gloss.

I am not sure, I just pieced this one together. Might be developing a potential idea or theme with these plastered balls...

This won me some money from a nice lady a long time ago.
Its hard to take a picture of reflective surfaces, so I try to exaggerate it in the photo.

Done during an advanced drawing class last year. Made with acrylic paint, ink, pastels, pen, charcoal, copper leaf, and even white-out! Whatever I had next to me went into this thing.

Intruding World

Old artwork. Made with paper, gesso, acrylic paint, ink, and pastels.

Some babything I saw when I closed my eyes. It looks like the baby-spider...-machine toy from Toy Story.

Alice and Abuela

haha I thought the compositions were so similar but I made these at two different times. So redundant with me....... and yes, made the right one when Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was out and about.

crayola drawings

these are old 89 cent crayola drawings. I wanted to imitate the way children drew.