more sketch portraits

My cousin and her daughter and a co-worker. I don't know why drew her with one eye closed, she is not winking.

Another Self-Portrait

A self-portrait if you will.
Made by using glue, paper, molding paste, sand, arylic paint, gesso, ink, plaster, a layer of reflective gloss.

I am not sure, I just pieced this one together. Might be developing a potential idea or theme with these plastered balls...

This won me some money from a nice lady a long time ago.
Its hard to take a picture of reflective surfaces, so I try to exaggerate it in the photo.

Done during an advanced drawing class last year. Made with acrylic paint, ink, pastels, pen, charcoal, copper leaf, and even white-out! Whatever I had next to me went into this thing.

Intruding World

Old artwork. Made with paper, gesso, acrylic paint, ink, and pastels.