gun and roses

From my sketchbook. Was just two random doodles and I put them together. Excuse the title.

Cassie Urban

old drawing I found of Cassie Urban (former SCAD student) and decided to mess with. Her senior project was day of the dead themed soooo...

what are they?

so much inactivity. Just some color comps for these little....."whatever they are", I did for class.

"The Golden Llama"

It taste kind of the closest thing I can think of........and totally Peruvian.

Inca Kola

drifting in space

a girl who left Earth on a mission into space to collect living specimen from moons and planets...

some old drawings...

I do this alot, I revisit old drawings in sketchbooks that I am about to put away and then recolor them in photoshop...

kids from the neighborhood

haha these kids probably don't even resemble how I drew them. The chubbier one wearing the shiny pants was learning to balance on that blue skateboard thing. Drew it as we drove by.


From my Alice in Wonderland re-imagining that I have had off and on feelings about. Maybe it was not so bad.

Sodium city

I always loved Hooverphonic and in my old college I would stay on the third floor where I had classes and look at the sunset everyday.
Just nostalgia.